Premiere of the 1500th Language!

The church I attended in my youth has supported for years the Wycliffe translators of a particular African language. They first took on the Bible and then the JESUS Film. After nearly 40 years, I now work with the JESUS Film.  Not long ago, our office was celebrating the 1500th completed language of the film! And it was the same language, now finished, that I heard about years ago… Daasanach!
Excitement came to the Daasanach people of Ethiopia and Kenya on the evening of November 11th, 2017. It was the premiere showing of the “JESUS” film in Daasanach! This is a milestone in more ways than one: Daasanach is the 1500th translation of the film; it is probably the first movie that most Daasanach viewers have ever seen and is undoubtedly the only movie that they have heard in their own language.
JF Pic - Daasanach
Here are some stats from the first showing in Omarate:
Premiere – Saturday November 11, 2017
– 600 people in attendance
– 90% raised their hands to follow Jesus (540)
– 79 people engaged in follow up process
For more context, the Ethiopian Church Movements team pays most attention to the number in follow up because the raising of hands at film showings can be over-representative of lasting fruit. Jesus teaches the same thing in the parable of the seeds. Some will receive the word gladly, but fall away, some will receive the word and follow for a short time, and others will receive and bear fruit.
  • Please pray for the Daasanach people.
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