Daddy, What Does Your Tattoo Mean?

A young Afghani boy (I will call him Adam to protect his identity) noticed a tattoo on his dad’s arm one day. Though curious, he and his dad never talked about the significance of the tattoo. His family and the entire nation of Afghanistan were struggling through a civil war.
Unfortunately, the man’s father was killed and the secret of the tattoo died with him.
Adam eventually fled Afghanistan to safety in Germany. He was placed in a transition home near a church where Jesus Film® partner ministry Elijah21 was providing a meal and a movie to refugees. Adam attended and watched “JESUS” and, for the first time, understood the meaning of his dad’s cross tattoo. That day, he gladly accepted the good news and began his new life with Christ.
Adam’s story is just one of many that Elijah21 shares about people who are coming to faith through their meal-and-film-showing outreaches. Elijah21 is using the “JESUS” film to reach many of the refugees from Syria, the Middle East and Central Asia who are seeking hope and a new life in Germany. Please join in praying for Adam and the work of Elijah21.
Note: This story was reported by Jesus Film Project.  God continues to use the JESUS Film all around the world. If you’d like to reach the world though the Internationals in your area, please visit our website.