Protesters and Police

5/14/18 at 10:25 AM, text received from Ethiopia:
A premier took place last night! Praise God for more than 3,000 people who came to watch the JESUS Film in their heart language.
Ethiopia 2018-5 large crowd evening
Approximately half way through the film, a group of protesters marched toward the showing, shouting and beating drums. Heavy police protection was already in place, so protesters were kept from coming in contact with the crowd.
However, local elders and government authorities were too concerned for everyone’s safety so the film was stopped before it was over. Thank and praise God for His protection.
 Friends attending the premier have no electricity or running water this morning, but say it is so amazing to see God at work!   Our Lord was in control of all that took place last night and is at work today in hearts and lives of the Ethiopian people speaking this newly translated language.
5/14/18 at 2:51  PM, a couple hours later:
Ethiopia 2018-5 sm crowd
Just received another text from Ethiopia, around noon today Eastern time, the film showing began on the property of a church which is a different location from last night.  There is a packed crowd of thousands!
5/23/18 “wrap up”
 The 2nd showing (that next night) on May 14 had more than 3,000 people in attendance. It was a different location. No disruption, so the entire film was played. Hundreds of people indicated a desire to follow Jesus! The local churches will be following up with families who attended the showing!
Please pray for those who watched the film. Pray that those who indicated decisions would grow as they continue through follow-up.
~Shared with you by Jesus FIlm Staff
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