Gift Cards for Everyone, Everywhere!

We made the film cards available to churches at a Missions Convention and also another event… a denominational District Assembly. Our idea was for the churches involved to give  the film cards to their congregations to ‘spread the Word’ and the gospel of Jesus Christ to those whom God sends their way. E.g. grocery store clerks, restaurant servers, hotel maids, beauty salon and nail salons workers,etc. People are very excited about giving them to friends as well as 1st time acquaintances aka ‘total strangers.’ We also had our 2nd Missions Convention and District Assembly last weekend and challenged over 250 people from various churches in a different part of our CA state to begin to answer the call/command from Jesus to ‘Go and make disciples!’ On our way home, we stopped in a combination McDonalds drive through/gas station,
…and we gave a card to the order payment clerk and drove to the next window and gave the clerk a film card while getting our food. Then we got to the gas station pump and while my husband was getting gasoline I suggested he give a card to the man ahead of us, which he did. The man was a christian but had never heard of the Jesus Film, so he was thrilled to receive the film card and planned to share the concept with his pastor. That being said …the film cards are great to get the gospel to the people whom God sends our way!”
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