The Jesus Film Project’s App is now updated:
  • NEW release of a multi-language digital library with 200+ movies of all lengths
How can I use the app?
  • Share with a neighbor, an acquaintance, the foreign waitress… the list is endles
  • Use in the USA or overseas
  • To peak spiritual curiosity
NEW Features:
  • Able to directly jump from movie to “Knowing God Personally” in the same language
  • Improved overall performance
  • More languages listed in their native language text
  • More recent search abilities
  • Ability to select “Download on Wifi only” for your video downloads
  • Better selection screen for adding multiple videos to a playlist.
  • Please note that the download sizes of the videos remains the same.
Get the APP
  • iPhone, get the app here
  • Android, get the app here.