Even Spanish! New Gift Cards!

Why Spanish?
  • In March of this year, CNN reported that 40 million  US residents speak Spanish at home.
  • Spanish-speakers are the largest minority at 13% of the US population.
  • There are more Spanish speakers in the US than in Spain!
Why Gift Cards instead of multi-language DVDs ?
  • Not everyone has a DVD player, computers rarely come with them anymore!
  • A gift card makes people feel like they have still been given something of value.
  • Gift Cards are even less expensive for you to buy.
  • The cards are small and can fit in your wallet or pocket
  • You can easily carry many with you.
  • The card gives access online to a choice of 1,600 languages;
  • The site where the code takes them keeps track of  where they are located.
  • The same card can be passed on and used over and over again!
How Can I Order Some Gift Cards?
  • For website, click here!
  • By phone (USA) 800- 381-0911
  • By phone (Canada) 800-667-0558
Whether or not you speak the languages of your neighbors,
you can share “JESUS” in their heart languages
with everyone, everywhere, everytime!