Has the name of your ministry changed?
We were originally called the Peoples  Connection; we wanted Americans to befriend and “connect” with their neighbors from other countries. We encouraged people to share the JESUS Film in the new friend’s language!
Why did you change your name?
No one could seem to remember our name. We recently decided to simplify life and just go by the website we have had for years: JESUS Film’s “Reaching the Nations Among Us” Team. 
What exactly is your website?
If you haven’t yet, do visit  www.ReachingTheNationsAmongUs.org.
How many of you are working in this stateside project with getting the JESUS Film to the nations?

We are 5 full-time staff and 6 part-time staff.
How many DVDs has your team distributed this past year?
From September 1, 2017 until just recently, our team of 11 people have personally distributed about 3,000 DVDs and 2,500 Gift Cards. These numbers are included in the figures below, as we buy the DVDs and Gift Cards we use in personal ministry.
How many DVDs and gift cards have partner ministries distributed?
I can’t exactly come up with numbers of products distributed but rather number of products shipped, which includes materials ordered but perhaps not yet given out.
From September 1, 2017 we have shipped
  • 243,047 DVDs total.
  • 101,920 Gift Cards total.
  • from the beginning of our team’s ministry, we have shipped almost five million DVDs.
What is the brief story behind  the forming of the “Reaching the Nations Among Us” Team? 
It was originally the Peoples Connection? Click here for a history written four years ago.
Thank you for partnering with us to reach the nations among us!