Making a Way Where There Is No Way With “JESUS”

JESUS Film Project recently shared this story with their donors:
On a trek in Tanzania to a yet unreached people group, a young missionary couple* encountered an interesting phenomenon. Enjoy their account:
“We were going to one of several villages for the first time. There was no trail, so we made one as we hiked. On our arrival, we met with the village leaders and shared the good news. We told them about the true God who ‘made you, your animals, everything around you. He is the Light of the World. You don’t need to worship the spirits. He will deliver you and give you hope.’
“The leaders replied, ‘It’s very interesting that you come today talking about hope, freedom and the Light of the World, because something unusual happened just before you arrived. Our witch doctor left and went up into the mountains.’
“The second time we went to the village, the witch doctor again left town for the mountains … just before we arrived. Then we went a third time. But this time we didn’t send word ahead that we were coming. We walked up ‘the path’ where a surprise was waiting. The village leaders were on the trail, expecting us!
“‘How did you know we were coming?’ They answered: ‘Because the witch doctor just left for the mountains! He always leaves before you come.’ So without resistance from the shaman, completely unopposed, we set up our showing equipment and played ‘JESUS.’ As often happens, we saw people delivered from sickness and demons. Many received Him. It was a great time.
“The villages we reach are in a mountainous area, deep in the bush. The sound of the film carries through the mountains and valleys. Hundreds hear the soundtrack from far away. But they can’t walk to the showing site because it’s too dark and the trails can be treacherous.
“The next morning they come, asking if we are showing ‘JESUS’ again that night. We do, and every night the crowd grows, sometimes doubling. We will show it two or three nights in a row. Then in the morning, others arrive saying they too heard the soundtrack and want to be delivered from the spirits and serve Jesus. Even without seeing the film, the Word of God transforms hearts. Many people are being saved through ‘JESUS.’”