Lifeline 2018

How would you like to meet people from all these countries within just a few weeks without leaving the USA?
Look over the list below (alphabetical):
Angola, Bangladesh, Belarus, Britain, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, China, Croatia, Ghana, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Korea, Latvia, Malaysia, Montenegro, Myanmar, Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia,  Sierra Leone, Taiwan, Ukraine, Venezuela, Vietnam,  and even the USA!
One of our partner ministries meets people from these countries and more. Lifeline to Seamen, Inc. volunteers at the Global Maritime mission in New Orleans. They distribute JESUS DVDs and audio scriptures, while conversing with the seafarers who work on the cruise ships.
What tremendous opportunities! We are privileged to partner with Lifeline.
Note: To view multi–language JESUS DVDs like the Seamen receive, click here!