Reaching the World from Canada

Please be in prayer for our very dear Canadian partner: prayer requests are italicized.

Hello Dear Saints!

Blessings in the mighty and gracious name of precious Lord Jesus Christ!

I had several meetings with different groups and the outcome of these meetings is that “Brazil, Panama, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua and other countries in South and Central America will be saturated with the Good News via “The Life of Jesus” DVD, Tracts, Bibles and humanitarian aid by God’s grace. Please pray for all these countries and for the Pastors as they organized themselves to go out and reach the lost in their countries.

Saints, we are waiting patiently for the Cuban authorities to issue us the last permission so we can start shipping the DVDs, Bibles, tracts and humanitarian aid to help the poor. Please pray that the permission will be granted quickly.

Saints, “Facebook” shut me down again for a few weeks because they say that too much activities occurring on my Facebook account and that is true because I am getting so many people from other religions responding to God’s Good News that I post each day. When I was in Florida, a Mslm family gave their lives to the Lord because of the message I am posting and this happens each day. Saints, just last evening and this morning I was showing my wife that two more Mslm groups added me to their groups and their group members total 3.9 million. This brings the group total to about 25 million. Please pray for all these groups total up 25 million members that receives God’s word each day and also for my 5000 personal friends with all their friend that read God’s word also. Pls pray for wisdom and strength for me as I answer their questions all day long.

Saints, our worker in a closed country is under heavy scrutiny by the authorities but this does not stop our guys from spreading the Good News via the DVDs, Tracts and the Bible correspondence courses. Please, Please, Please keep these men in your daily prayers and pray for me and my son as we will be travel there in November. Please pray for funds ($7000 CD) to replicate another 25,000 DVDs for this country.

Saints, there are several outreaches going on right here in Ontario: Collingwood, Caledon, Ajax and surrounding areas, Toronto and Burlington. Please pray for all these out reaches in these cities. Please also pray for the Bobby and his parents and the public school that assemble all these packets for us.

Saints, my wife and I are preparing for our long holiday, our holiday always consist of having an enjoyable time and sharing the Good News. We just cannot see people and not telling them about our loving Saviour Jesus Christ. So we will be having meeting at several ports to arrange saturating their nations, we will evangelize all the staff and passengers and conduct Bible studies every sea days. Please pray for us and please pray that the authorities will not give us a hard time because of the amount of suitcases we carry.

Saints, I need about 1.5 Million DVDs just to start all these countries and the cost is about $200,000… Please pray that our good Lord will supply this need as He has always done.     

Thank you, Saints, for all your prayers and help in reaching the lost for His and  only His glory.

God bless!