The Mighty Hand of God

The executive director of JESUS Film Project writes, 
“I’d like to tell you an amazing story of God’s miraculous protection.
Vlad lives in a nation hostile to Christ. He and a close friend work to let others in their country experience the power of “JESUS,” the film that brought them out of darkness to Christ.
He and his evangelism partners ride from showing to showing on their one bicycle, carrying with them their “JESUS” equipment. On the way to a new showing, they encountered a car on a very narrow bridge and were forced off.
They plunged into the water, taking with them their “JESUS” film projector. They were OK, but as they climbed out, water gushed from the unit. It was surely destroyed…or was it?
Yet, Vlad and his partner felt compelled to keep going. The people needed to hear the good news…for the first time!
When they arrived, at least 50 people were in the room, eager to see a film in their language about Jesus whom they have heard of as “The Great Prophet Isa.” Vlad said water was still draining out of the player!
When they plugged it in to the 220-volt outlet, they feared the current would fry the unit. But they felt they had no choice; these people wanted to see “JESUS.”

As they watch and understand the Word of God in their own language, many believe and their lives are transformed by His love.

They plugged it in and turned the player on. Nothing … no shorts … no sparks … no smoke. Instead, the unit came alive! Somehow it had survived the ordeal, as though the water was never there!
More than 50 people watched the entire film, moved by the greatest story ever told—His plan of the ages to rescue them from their sins. They marveled at His resurrection. The Holy Spirit witnessed to their hearts that it was all true. When the invitation was given, 11 people indicated decisions to follow Christ—about 20 percent! And remember, this happened in a nation hostile to Christ