Giving Tuesday: Amazing and Marvelous!

November 11, 2018: Amazing and Marvelous!

A film team hiked up a difficult mountain to take “JESUS” to an unreached people group. It’s a hike that normally takes three days.
Within sight of the top, one team member fell horribly ill, in great pain. They had to stop.
On the fourth day he suddenly recovered. The team started climbing again, made it to the top and reached their target village … only to learn the people had planned to kill them.
When the team finally made it to the mountain top, the whole tribe was waiting for them—all 500 members.** The chief told the team, “When we saw you at the bottom of the mountain, we knew it would take you three days. When you arrived, we planned to kill you. But then you stopped. We decided that if you came on the fourth day you must have an important message for us.  Please tell us what it is.”
Realizing that God had spared their lives, the film team set up the equipment. The people watched and heard the gospel in their mother tongue—moved by God’s love and the gift of His Son for them. After the showing, 350 people of the 500 came to Christ! Today, there is a thriving church on the top of the mountain. Amazing and marvelous!
Christmas is approaching, a wonderful time of year when you can be the one to send the good news to hundreds, even thousands more in their own language. So I invite you to please check out the updated Jesus FIlm Online Christmas Catalog. You’ll find gifts to fit every budget—gifts you and your family can send—to give the gospel to people who have never once heard the name of Jesus.
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