JESUS & the Holidays: Sale Items

“Carol and I were staying in an Airbnb in Columbus Ohio for Halloween in a popular spot. We had 200 pieces of candy and 80 ‘JESUS Film’ gift cards and we gave them all out in about 20 minutes. Below is one of the responses that came in as a result of giving out the cards…
“Love this service; really enjoy getting religious stuff on Halloween.”

~Vance Nordman, Leader of JESUS Film’s  RTNAU Team (Reaching The Nations Among Us)

Be creative! Where can you hand out “JESUS Film” gift cards at Thanksgiving or Christmas? Maybe you can put a gift card with some Fall flowers for your neighbors. Or maybe you can tuck a card in a plate of Christmas cookies for teachers? Ask God what He would have you do!
Most gift cards ; 100 cards for $10
Variety of Multi-language DVDs; $1 each
Larger Quantities (500+ cards, 100+ DVDs)