A Call from Amber

On Saturday we received a voicemail on the toll free follow-up line.  We could hear the music of the “JESUS” playing in the background, so knew the woman was calling us after just watching the film.
Carol called her back. A young woman, Amber, from a state in the Northeast, answered. She told Carol she had just watched the JESUS film and prayed the prayer at the end.
About a year ago, while she was working in a discount store, some nuns came in and gave her one of our multi-language JESUS DVDs.  On Saturday she decided to watch it, saying that she and her fiancé want to grow closer to God.
Carol went over follow-up verses with her and encouraged her to read the book of John.  She said she wants to keep in touch.
Please pray for Amber and her fiancé to truly know what it is to know and follow Christ and for both of them to make Christ lord of their lives,