A Chain of Events

October 31, 2018: Asia
Sumaya’s* petite hands gripped the rusted iron bars. The Sri Lankan maid had grown fairly accustomed to the rugged walls of her cell. After a loud buzz, the bars rolled aside and the guard waved. She and the other detainees made their way to the meeting hall.
Meanwhile, Christine sat on a cold metal bench in the meeting hall, nervously caressing a JESUS film DVD. She and the rest of her ministry team were visiting domestic migrant workers awaiting deportation in the detention center.
Suddenly a door opened and the detainees entered the hall. Before Christine knew it, Sumaya stood before her. The young woman’s eyes were fixed on JESUS.
Sumaya eagerly shared her story with Christine. One afternoon, before arriving in the detention center, a foreigner stopped Sumaya on the street. After a brief exchange, the woman handed her a Jesus Film Project® DVD.
Later that day Sumaya plopped the disc in and started watching. When her housemate, Juni, arrived at their flat, the girl set down her bag and fell onto the small mattress beside Sumaya. A few minutes later, Sumaya noticed tears forming in her housemate’s eyes. Moved by the story of Jesus, Juni cried throughout the entire film.
Jesus is speaking to migrant workers in Asia. Many of these laborers have little understanding of the Christian faith. Most also are illiterate. The JESUSfilm is a powerful way for these workers to hear God’s plan of salvation. Over the course of four years, ministry teams have shared a message of hope with this forgotten and often abused population, distributing 300,000 Jesus Film Project DVDs and SD cards in this region.
Photo Credit: “A woman smiles for a photo” by Marc Ewell; CC BY Wycliffe Global Alliance; via skip.
*Some names and/or locations have been changed for confidentiality.