Summer Dreams (Part 1 of 4): “Oh, I’ve Been Looking for That!”

One JESUS Film team leader reminisces about last summer:
“Oh, I’ve been looking for that!  That’s what one woman said to me as she saw the New Testament that I was offering her.  “Is it free?  Thank you so much!”
Each summer over 300,000 visitors from the Middle East are drawn to a major European city to enjoy the cooler weather, attractions and shopping.
And during July—August dozens of volunteers were there to meet them, sharing God’s love and forgiveness.  I had the opportunity of bringing 22 people to join forces with another team.  In just the first two weeks of August we gave out 953 gift packets, containing New Testament and a DVD of the JESUS film.  In addition, this year we offered SD cards and USB drives loaded with the JESUS film and New Testament.  When you include these, we distributed approximately 3,200 New Testaments (print and digital) and JESUS films (DVDs and digital) to Middle Easterners.  Over the course of the summer, nearly 8,000 were distributed!
We’ll only know when we get to heaven the full scope of what God did as they take the Bibles and DVDs back home and share them with families, friends and neighbors. God  is clearly working in people’s lives!