Discovering Hope

Jesus Film Project shares this testimony of hope:

Philip and his team strolled along the outskirts of the village. This was their first visit to the area and they prayed, asking God to prepare the hearts of the people they’d soon be meeting. A few days later, the ministry team returned to complete the first step of the Multiplying Churches and Communities (MC2) strategy: evangelism.

After the sunset that evening, they showed the “JESUS” film.Ayodele cried uncontrollably as she watched the film. Life had been difficult for her lately. Her husband had abandoned her and planned to destroy everything they owned. “I had plans to divorce him,” Ayodele shared with Philip.


But hearing about Jesus filled her with hope, and she gave her life to Christ. Her new life in Christ changed the way she viewed her marriage. Ayodele wanted to try to reconcile with her husband. “I give my problems to Him,” she said. “He has given me hope to remain.”

Ayodele now hosts a Bible study in her home. Her husband has also returned home and is one of the 28 people attending the weekly Bible study.

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