Every Unengaged, Unreached People Group Has Now Been Adopted!

In early December, several individuals from JESUS Film attended the “Finishing the Task” conference entitled “Within Sight.” They announced that we are nearing the completion of the Great Commission found in Matthew 28: 19-20, where every tribe and nation will have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ!  For decades, we have been told that Jesus could return any day, but Christians were not considering that there were still many unengaged unreached people groups (UUPGs) who need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.
Throughout the years,  more and more people groups have heard about Jesus. By 2018, it was down to less than 1000 groups. At the time of the conference, the number was only 343! These are  especially hard-to-reach groups; 45 groups are deaf populations.
We live in exciting times! During this event, miraculously ALL 343 unengaged unreached people groups were adopted!  This means some organizations, churches and/or individuals have committed to going and reaching their adopted group in the next 2 years.
JESUS Film will continue with ongoing partnerships around the world, and we have also adopted the deaf people of Bhutan. This ia a huge undertaking,  only possible through the Spirit of God. To Him be all honor and glory!
Please pray for:
  1. clear strategic opportunities for partnership
  2. an open door to reach this group in the next 2 years
For additional exciting info on UUPGs and how you can take part in reaching them and so  complete the Great Commission  go to this website.