Davey and Gabir

While his friends asked questions about Christianity, Davey* was quiet. He needed to contemplate what he’d seen. Gabir, a Jesus Film Project® staff member, had just shown them a video unlike anything Davey had ever seen.
Gabir invited the group of young people to a meeting to learn more. Their curiosity satisfied, Davey’s friends declined. But Davey continued to think about what Gabir had shared. Could what he had heard about Jesus really be true?
Davey decided he had to go to Gabir’s meeting. As the only attendee, Davey asked all the questions he had wanted to ask before. Gabir and his ministry team answered as best they could, relaying the good news of Christ through the conversation. Before the end of the meeting, Davey accepted Christ!
A few days later, Davey, along with a group of young friends, met Gabir at the same street corner. Davey told Gabir he had shared everything from the meeting with his peers—and they were hungry to know more.
Davey never expected a conversation with a stranger on the street would change his life. Today he works alongside Gabir, using Jesus Film Project media to take the gospel to other young people in his community.
*Some names and/or locations have been changed for confidentiality