Zdravstvuyte Y’all!

From one of our fellow cru staff…
We were just getting into our car when a woman ran up asking for help.  She said she’d locked her keys in her car.  She wanted to borrow some pliers to remove her radio antenna, then she was going to use the antenna to somehow jimmy the door open.  We weren’t sure whether or not to believe her, nor whether her plan would even work.  And she had a funny accent too!
She said she was in a hurry to drop some food off for her husband for lunch who worked nearby.  Since we didn’t have the tools she needed, we decided to take her in our car to drop off the food.
On the drive I asked her about her accent.  Turns out, she was from Russia. But she had lived in Tennessee for 14 years.  Ah!  My first time to hear a Russian-Tennessee accent.
We took here back to her own car and there were some contractors in a truck (with lots of tools) who indicated that they could help her get into her car.  But before we left her, we gave her a DVD with the Jesus Film in multiple languages (including Russian but not Tennessee’n),
Note: To order multi-language JESUS DVDs or gift cards,
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