Magdalena Gift Card

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Magdalena Gift Card (MGC)
The Magdalena Gift Card allows the film to be viewed or downloaded in any of the 161 available languages.

NEW Magdalena Gift Cards!

Why a gift card? Easy to carry Perceived as a gift with value Great if you aren’t carrying DVDs of the right languages Easy to be passed from person to person Why Magdalena? Shows the value God places on women Great for the whole family Order here!

Magdalena film gift card

  Please enter your code found on the back of the gift card. And then be sure to press the “Redeem Offer” button.

The Power of Magdalena’s Testimony

We just attended a conference entitled “Without Borders,” meaning that the gospel is for EVERYONE! Four-hundred ladies came to hear how they could reach out to the Muslim women in their neighborhoods! Our ministry had the privilege of sharing how God continues to speak to women from around the globe through the Magdalena version of the JESUS Film! “Magdalena: Released from …

Magdalena in Tunisia

Middle Eastern believers set up a special Facebook page to host the Magdalena film in Arabic for a one month period this past summer.  They planned the advertisements to specifically attract Tunisians. 900,000 Tunisians were exposed to short posts about God’s love (e.g. “love is knocking on the door of your heart”) 32,000 clicked for more or to connect via social media 17,000 …

“Magdalena” in Cuba

A group of 17 people recently headed to Cuba; some went for baseball outreach and others were there to present “Magdalena.” Cuban kids play baseball in horrible conditions, so they were grateful for some new equipment.  Aaron and Milton were hanging around during one of the games; the gospel was shared with them and they prayed to receive Jesus as their Savior …

“Magdalena: Released From Shame” – Multi-Language (W3L)

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Magdalena: Released From Shame in 8 languages: English, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Marathi, Spanish (Latin American), Telugu and Vietnamese (Southern). Subtitled in English and Spanish. The DVD also includes: The Story of Jesus for Children in the same languages. Subtitled in English and Spanish.

Big Sale! JESUS DVDs & Gift Cards!

TO ORDER, CLICK HERE! You can share the original JESUS film…     Or Magdalena’s view of JESUS…     Or Jesus Through the Eyes of Children! TO ORDER, CLICK HERE! 100 DVDs (24 languages on each) for about $100 100 gift cards (English) for about $12.50 ***NEW! JESUS  gift cards also available in Spanish, Arabic & Farsi! Questions? Call …