Bell Day Ceremonies in Mongolia

All over Mongolia, high schools and universities have begun to celebrate graduations with the traditional Bell Day ceremonies. Ask God to use the graduation celebrations to cause the students to question their future and give them a desire to know God, Who has their future in His hands. Click for stories and pictures taken in Bahroan Ort, Mongolia in 2012.

Bengali People in Philly!

Praise God that nearly 100 JESUS and Magdalena DVDs containing the Bengali language were given out at an international festival in a Philadelphia suburb! The local Christian community has a growing interest in reaching out and the DVDs are great conversation starters. Please pray for those who received the DVDs. Click here to see DVDs with the Bengali Language.

Unreached People Group in China

Please pray for this  unreached people group: Chongqing Municipality, China has 33 million people and 33 colleges and universities. It is one of the fastest growing urban areas in the world and, by default, one of the fastest growing student population centers in the world. Pray for multiple organizations and local Chinese churches to work humbly together. And pray God …

A Godly Challenge from China!

A dear friend living in China shares Tena’s story: Tena is a smiling Chinese woman who is about 3 feet high with tiny shriveled legs tucked beneath her torso and deformed arms. She gets around by sitting on a piece of wood with tiny wheels and shuffling along with her limited arms. She lives simply – in a very tiny …

Pray for the 7%

Buddha’s Day (or Vasak Day) is the most important celebration for 7% of the world’s population.  This year, Buddah’s Day is on May 6th.  Buddhists will spend the day meditating on the life of Buddha, listening to temple speakers, chanting, and making sacrifices to statues of Buddha . Opportunities are also provided for parents to promise to bring up their …

Muslim Village

4/17/14: Pray for a predominately Muslim village in the Philippines that recently burned to the ground and has just seen the JESUS Film!