Asia: Abandoned to Eternal Life

Abandoned at a railway station in an Asian country as a 2-year-old with a physical disability, Keung grew up in an orphanage and struggled with feelings of rejection. As an adult he participated in a workshop at a Christian counseling center. When one of the center’s consultants gave Keung a copy of JESUS, he immediately returned home to watch the …

Pray for the South Asian Friendship Center

Please pray for one of our partners in Chicago, the South Asian Friendship Center, who holds block parties to meet new immigrant friends: Pray for the staff  and volunteers to have wisdom and unity, and for more workers to join them. Along with other groups, SAFC will be distributing JESUS DVDs during both the Indian and the Pakistan Independence Day …

“JESUS” DVD – Central Asian Languages (CAL)

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JESUS film in 16 languages: Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bakhtiari, Dari, English, Farsi (Persian), French, Hazaragi, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Russian (Central Asian), Tajik, Turkish, Turkmen, Uzbek (Northern) and Uzbek (Southern). Subtitled in English.

“JESUS” DVD – South Asian Languages (SAL)

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JESUS film in 16 languages: Bengali (India), Bengali (Bangladesh), English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi (Indian), Punjabi (Western), Sindhi, Sinhala, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. Subtitled in English.

“JESUS” DVD – Southeast Asian Languages (VL)

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JESUS film in 16 languages: English, French, Hmong (White/Blue), Isan, Jorai, Khmer (Central), Khmer (Northern), Lao, Mien, Muong, Nung, Thai, Thai (Northern), Thai (Southern), Vietnamese (Northern) and Vietnamese (Southern) Subtitled in Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese. The DVD also includes: The Story of Jesus for Children in English, French, Khmer, Lao, Thai, Vietnamese, (Northern) and Vietnamese (Southern). Subtitled in English, French, Japanese and Spanish

Someone Different

A Conversation With Someone Different The large Toyota service center waiting room was filled to capacity on Monday morning, November 12. I took one of the few available seats and pulled paper work from my canvass bag, hoping to “redeem the time” while repairs were made on our car. A woman sitting in the far corner rattled on and on, oblivious to the fact that …

A Chain of Events

October 31, 2018: Asia Sumaya’s* petite hands gripped the rusted iron bars. The Sri Lankan maid had grown fairly accustomed to the rugged walls of her cell. After a loud buzz, the bars rolled aside and the guard waved. She and the other detainees made their way to the meeting hall. Meanwhile, Christine sat on a cold metal bench in …

1700th Language!

Rejoice with us, this month Jesus Film Project has reached another milestone. Production of the 1700th classic “JESUS” film translation was completed. It is the Cheke Itolo language, for Solomon Islands people in the South Pacific. All glory goes to God! Still, the greatest days are ahead as we seek to dub “JESUS” into hundreds more languages so that all may …

When Prison Leads to Church Planting

Here’s a powerful story of how God is working through an effective strategy. How much God loves to turn the tables on Satan! Gorshan is a pastor in a large Asian nation. He’s an active and highly effective church planter. The authorities arrested Gorshan and threw him in prison. There his interrogators demanded, “What evil things are you teaching? Who …