General Resources in Immigrant Languages

Crescent Project
Arabic/English outreach resources, Arabic New Testaments, equipping and training materials.

Iranian Christians International Bookshop
Materials in Azeri, Dari, Kurdish, Persian (Farsi), Pushtu and English.

Kurdish Materials
Christian materials in Kurdish languages.

Books by Our Partners

  • shirinbook
  • “Muslims Next Door”
    Shirin Taber takes us from fears and false stereotypes and shows us a unique perspective of how North American Muslims live and think. The reader will uncover myths, learn to create friendships with Muslim neighbors and relationally show them Christ.
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  • glad-news
  • “Glad News! God Loves You My Muslim Friend”
    Samy Tanagho integrates all of the positive teachings in Islam (concerning the Christian faith and Jesus Christ) to help Muslims believe the Gospel.
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  • ethnycity
  • “ethNYcity: The Nations, Tongues, and Faiths of Metropolitan New York”
    Featuring 82 attractively designed profiles on the most significant immigrant groups in Metro New York. A valuable resource as most of these groups are also found in other places in the U.S.
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CDs, DVDs, and Digital Resources in Immigrant Languages

JESUS Film Media App

Show the JESUS Film on your phone or tablet in over 1,000 languages.  Or send a link to someone so they can watch it on their computer or phone later.

Kolo World App

The Kolo World app allows both oral and literate people of the world to find their heart languages and listen to or view available audio Bibles, JESUS Films, and related content.

God Speaks My Language

Over 1,000 languages listed with various resources.

Global Recordings Network

Christian messages on cassettes, CDs, and MP3s in over 5,000 different languages.

Stories of the Prophets

Video stories of the Prophets in several languages including Sudanese Arabic, Bedouin Arabic and Baghdadi Arabic. The videos can be either downloaded or listened to online.

The Hope Project

“The Hope” DVD contains a dramatic presentation of God’s redemptive story in 12 chapters from creation through the coming of Jesus Christ. It is available in over 40 languages. Study Guides and ESL materials are also available for use with “The Hope.”

The Jesus Accounts

“The Jesus Accounts” A 30 minute DVD on how the four Gospels are based on solid evidence, significant ancient manuscripts, eyewitness accounts and much more. An opportunity to see how today’s claims that Jesus accounts are distorted documents can be challenged with confidence.

Bibles and Scripture Portions in Immigrant Languages

Multi-Language Media

Scriptures, Christian Books and Bible Studies in over 90 languages.

YouVersion Bible

Gain access to Scripture products in more than 1,900 languages on your phone, tablet or computer.

Ethnic Harvest

Scriptures in 250 languages to read. Some are downloadable.

Tracts in Immigrant Languages

Bilingual Printable Evangelism Tracts

Download free bilingual tracks like “The Four Spiritual Laws” in over 60 languages.

Bilingual Tracts for your phone

Bilingual tracks like “The Four Spiritual Laws” in over 60 languages for your phone.

World Missionary Press

Free Scripture booklets for the world.

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