Treat Children to JESUS!

This Halloween or Fall Festival, plan on giving a DVD of  “The Story of JESUS Through the Eyes of Children” to families from every nation! ~24 languages on 1 DVD~ 100 DVDs for $100! Call now to order (800) 381-0911 Today over 60 million people in America speak a language other than English at home. Some of these people come from …

G.O.D. Day Special!

We’re offering to help you on Global Outreach Day. 100 multi-language “JESUS” DVDs for $100! Click HERE!  

Easter Special: 100 JESUS DVDs for $100!

Call now to order: (800) 381-0911 You and your church can reach your world this Easter by giving multi-language JESUS DVDs to the internationals near you (immigrants, refugees, students….). The risen JESUS speaks their heart language(s)!  Each DVD is only $1 and includes up to 24 languages. Let’s be sure every nation sees JESUS and finds new life! Here’s how you could introduce the …

Christmas DVD Special!

Consider giving away “The Story of Jesus Through the Eyes of Children”  this Christmas!  Great for the whole family! Our special offer is 100 DVDs for $100 (+ shipping)!  Call Toll Free (800) 381-0911.