Bethlehem Punjabi Church

Please pray for our partner, Bethlehem Punjabi Church, in New York City. They desire to exalt Jesus Christ, train and disciple believers, and reach out to South Asians (Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu speakers primarily). Please pray for those who have and will receive JESUS Film DVDs through their ministry.    

Unreached Peoples in USA – 2014 – Part 1

“Of the estimated hundreds of unreached peoples, here is a small glimpse of the reality that few know: El Cajon, California is home to “Little Bagdad,” with 60,000 Iraqis. Of the 30,000 Senegalese in New York, over half are Wolof Mourides. The Bay Area of California is home to “Little Kabul,” with tens-of-thousands of Afghans. Minneapolis, Seattle, and Columbus, Ohio …