Balraj from India

Godreports shares the testimony of Balraj from India. “His family watched the JESUS Film and got saved, but he and his demons resisted.”   Remember, multi-language JESUS DVDs of South Asian Languages are readily available!  

Naya Jeevan in JESUS!

Naya Jeevan, meaning “New Life” in Hindi, is a Cru ministry reaching South Asians ​ in America and abroad.​ One of their key strategies involves outreach at cultural festivals where JESUS Film DVDs and evangelistic literature are freely distributed in ​South Asian​ languages. Imagine touching the lives of 1,000 South Asians with the good news of JESUS in a single day! Such festivals …

Festival of Lights!

This week, South Asians are celebrating one of their happiest holidays… the Festival of Lights also called “Diwali” or “Deepavali.” Utah has proclaimed “Diwali” to be a state festival.  Various towns and cities across the US hold celebrations. People clean their homes and decorate with colored powders.  Special lamps and candles are lit both inside and outside. It is the biggest shopping …

Bethlehem Punjabi Church

Please pray for our partner, Bethlehem Punjabi Church, in New York City. They desire to exalt Jesus Christ, train and disciple believers, and reach out to South Asians (Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu speakers primarily). Please pray for those who have and will receive JESUS Film DVDs through their ministry.    

Ramadan in the USA

Ramadan, a month of daytime fasting, draws attention to our 3rd largest religion.  The Muslim population in the U.S. has increased most dramatically in the 20th century, due to a higher birth rate and the immigration of Arabs and South Asians.  About 72% of American Muslims are 1st or 2nd generation Americans.  2005 saw a great increase in the number …

Who’s Celebrating Ramadan in the USA?

“According to the US Department of State,  the largest ethnic groups of American Muslims are those of South Asian, Arab and African-American descent.”   Note: The US Census Bureau does not survey religious affiliation; these figures result from careful evaluation of estimates from various institutions and organizations.